Kathryn Garcia will participate in the first installment of the WIDE OPEN series, which tasks each artist with creating a site-specific work for the gallery courtyard. I am Violet, 2014 is an outdoor pyramidal sculpture composed of a copper skeleton encircling a purple flame. The sculpture is interactive and meant to be inhabited, allowing for a personalized visceral experience. For Garcia, “There is a certain metaphysical phenomena that happens when one enters a pyramid - the body is simultaneously pulled down from the base and up from the crown allowing energy to travel freely up and down the spine - and because copper is a powerful conductor of energy, when sitting or meditating inside one the effect is amplified. The violet flame is a symbol of the transformative power of fire coupled with the frequency of the color violet, which of all the colors has the highest vibration in the visual spectrum.  Step inside the pyramid, gather around the fire, experience the violet flame.” 

Kathryn Garcia (born 1978, Los Angeles, CA) has been exhibited in both the US and abroad, including Deste Foundation, Greece; Gallery Diet, Miami, FL; MOMENTUM|Worldwide, Berlin, Germany; ICA, London, UK; Participant Inc., New York, NY; LACE, Los Angeles, CA; Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA; Don’t Projects, Paris, France; Kunstverein, New York, NY; MoMA/ PS1, New York, NY; Asia Song Society (ASS), New York, NY; Louise T Blouin Institute, London, UK, amongst others.