Rachelle Sawatsky, Stone Gloves November 22 - December 27, 2014


TITLES (Poem) 

Skin Colored Gloves




The Greatest

Siamese Thinking




Left Heart Right Heart

Christian Alien


Heartbreak Confusion Disaster

Love Loving Lobe


Stone Gloves

Having Written my Enemy with Love

Rachelle Sawatsky,  Christian Alien,  2014

Rachelle Sawatsky, Christian Alien, 2014

Rachelle Sawatsky,  Having Written my Enemy with Love,  2014

Rachelle Sawatsky, Having Written my Enemy with Love, 2014

Rachelle Sawatsky,  Lungs , 2014

Rachelle Sawatsky, Lungs, 2014

Rachelle Sawatsky,  Swagger , 2014

Rachelle Sawatsky, Swagger, 2014

Rachelle Sawatsky,  Smoke,  2014

Rachelle Sawatsky, Smoke, 2014

Rachelle Sawatsky,  Siamese Thinking,  2014

Rachelle Sawatsky, Siamese Thinking, 2014

Rachelle Sawatsky,  Stone Gloves , 2014

Rachelle Sawatsky, Stone Gloves, 2014

Rachelle Sawatsky,  The Greatest , 2014

Rachelle Sawatsky, The Greatest, 2014

Rachelle Sawatsky,  Love Loving Lobe,  2014

Rachelle Sawatsky, Love Loving Lobe, 2014

Rachelle Sawatsky,  Left Heart Right Heart,  2014

Rachelle Sawatsky, Left Heart Right Heart, 2014

Rachelle Sawatsky,  Skin Colored Gloves,  2014

Rachelle Sawatsky, Skin Colored Gloves, 2014

Rachelle Sawatsky,  Heartbreak Confusion Disaster,  2014

Rachelle Sawatsky, Heartbreak Confusion Disaster, 2014

Rachelle Sawatsky,  Butts (striped),  2014

Rachelle Sawatsky, Butts (striped), 2014

Rachelle Sawatsky,  Bricklayer,  2014

Rachelle Sawatsky, Bricklayer, 2014

Rachelle Sawatsky,  Box,  2014

Rachelle Sawatsky, Box, 2014

Rachelle Sawatsky,  Butts (green),  2014

Rachelle Sawatsky, Butts (green), 2014