Anton Zolotov, Heaven is a Place on Earth November 22 - December 27, 2014

Harmony Murphy Gallery is pleased to present Heaven is a place on earth, an exhibition of new work by Russian-born, New York-based artist Anton Zolotov. Conceived as a careful collection of street artifacts that have been re-examined and re-ordered, the artist creates a conceptual conversation between the pedestrian and the oft-viewed refuse of everyday life.

Taking a cue from his circumstantial visual surroundings, Zolotov uses common objects as a point of departure. He identifies the compelling properties of this often hastily disregarded debris, reframing it within his own visual context. Rather than work towards a preconceived outcome, the artist challenges himself to treat each material as a singular being with its own inherent properties, conditions, and intentions. He mines the distinct narrative of each subject to achieve a true collaboration between his own artistic leanings and those ingrained in these outside sources. “I enjoy the history an object already has before it has been found and altered,” Zolotov explains. In doing so, he reimagines a new, altered relationship between these objects and the hygienic physical world. The result is push-pull between an educated pursuit of beauty and the uncontrollable mechanism of industry, society, and material hierarchy. Zolotov’s method of combining his own visual intentions with the discarded and accidental is eventuated in the custom frames he constructs for each piece. Evident in works such as Fresh!, 2014, where a ubiquitous pizza box now rests in rarefied  gold frame, and the distinctly 21st century, Post No Selfie, 2014, likewise removed from the public sphere and isolated for closer examination, he chooses the moments he wants you to see in each found object. The result is a meta conversation, curated by Zolotov, between the artist’s desires and the acquired properties of his subject matter.

Inspired by the rich role readymades have played in art history, Zolotov reveals a distinctively contemporary take on the trope. Citing influence from artists such as Duchamp and Rauschenberg, Zolotov serves as equally a mirror as he does a maker.  He strives, “to reconcile the things that people often look over - the things that are simple, beautiful but often not perceived that way because they weren't meant for beauty. Heaven is (already here) on earth.”

Anton Zolotov was born in Moscow, Russia in 1982. He earned a BFA from Hunter College and currently lives and works in New York City. His work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, at venues including L&M Arts, Los Angeles, CA; Hannah Barry Gallery, London, UK;  Produktionstadtte, New York, NY; Youth Group Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; Envoy Enterprises, New York, NY; Asia Song Society, New York, NY; Puck Building, New York, NY, amongst others.